Thursday, 31 March 2011

8. Looking back at your preliminary task what do you feel you have learned in the progression from it to the product ?


These two shots are from my prelim film, Both shots are terrible.  In the first shot, it is a low angle however you couldn't see the feet of the person walking. Also the lighting was dark so it made the scene look pix-elated. The second shot it not as bad however i feel if it was a wider shot it would have been much better. Also if there was better lighting. This is because you would be able to see the board and all the pictures that were clipped onto it. We had no other choice but to take another shot from a different angle of just the pictures on the board. Using final cut pro we tried to match cut it however it was 'jumpy'.

These two shots are taken from our Final film. These shots are much better and do fit the content more. They show that i have learnt skills and my progression has been clearly stated. The first shot is the low angle shot of the car tire. evidently you c over the shoulder shot and it is clear as to who is the victim. It is very close and it feels as if we are direcan see the car tire and the surface below it which makes it a fantastic shot. You also get to see the background. The second shot is of me in the kitchen having a light breakfast. In this scene it looks much clearer as the lighting was nice and bright. Also the Mis en Scene of the butter, bread and cup of tea in the shot makes it beautiful as it instantly shows im having a breakfast.  The second shot is a medium close up. However we also managed to film a close up of me eating the toast which eventually turned into successful match cut. 


The sound we used in the preliminary task was very dull compared to the sound used in the Final Thriller sequence. When i first started using soundtrack pro, i wasn't very aware of how many sounds where already installed in the program. however, after getting used to all the features of the program we managed to create a beautiful soundtrack for our final film.

We had a sound effect of a radio to begin the scene, then we immediatly played 'Drive by the cars' to make it seem like it was on radio. This technique was very helpfull. 


I learnt that you had to be very careful with the equipment as they were very expensive and needed allot of care when handling. JVC camera, still cameras, memory cards, Tripod and flip cameras were the basics that i used throughout my filming process.
Overall my experience was great and i would do it all over again, i have some really nice memories and have learnt so much about technology and how to use Apple Mac computers.
There were a lot of differences between the two sequences, and in watching them, we could really see the differences and development in our editing and production techniques over time.My skills with editing have improved massively since the beginning of the course: initially, there were just lots of jump cuts and a various range of shots that didn't particularly flow together. Now i have learnt to use different techniques such as over layering shots and merging shots to create am overall effect that is more suspenseful for a physchological thriller.

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