Thursday, 31 March 2011

1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or change forms and conventions of real media products ?

Our opening sequence begins with an immediate sound of a young child screaming ' dad please stop '. We then a see a moment when a young child is being picked up and placed in a car bonnet. We don't get to see the kidnappers face however we see the the number plate of the car.
We move onto the kitchen scene with sounds of radio playing in the background and a sense of normality as we see breakfast being prepared and myself getting ready.

In the opening sequence of THE STEPFATHER, we see Dylan Walsh, who starred as The Stepfather just about to leave his house after murdering his family on Christmas Day. However before seeing the dead bodies and the bloody knives, we see The Stepfather getting ready , having a shower, a clean shave and a change in contact lenses. In addition, we see him prepare a light breakfast whilst the song ' silent night' is playing in the background.

Our opening sequence is similar to THE STEPFATHER as both sequences begin with a sense of normality  however later during the opening we start to notice there is something dodgy about both characters.

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