Monday, 21 March 2011


Sans Serif fonts and Serif fonts are the two type of fonts used in films for the title sequences. Serif fonts are formal and traditional fonts that are normally used for newspapers or writing a letter. Serif is the little flick on the words and Times New Roman, Courier and Bookman Old Style are two examples of Serif fonts.

For the titles in the poster for Pearl Harbour, they have used a Serif font called Palatino. By using this font, it can suggest many things to the viewer. As the font is bold and written in capital letters, it stands out from the rest of the images on the poster and suggests that it is the title. In addition, the font is very formal therefore it can suggest the status of the actors in the film and imply that they be very important in the society. Moreover, since the font is very old fashioned, it connects history to historical films and connotes that the film maybe depictured in the old days. Also, the capital letters imply that the film might be about the army as the actors are wearing formal army like clothing.     

Sans Serif fonts are informal fonts which are more modern and they do not have a flick on the end of the word. Two examples of Sans Serif fonts are Ariel and Comic Sans.

Rocky is a film that has used Sans Serif font on the poster for the film, the font used is called Franklln Gothic Heavy. The font is bold, big and strong, it is written in capital letters which can represent the characters personality and his strength. Also, the word ‘ROCKY’ can connote how the character may look for instance, big and broad. Moreover, the word is very masculine and the word looks like it is going to come off the page, like it can not fit on the page. This title being informal can also represent the character.

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