Monday, 21 March 2011

The Guardian Guide

In the guardian guide newspaper on Saturday 27th June 2009, there was an article on the fonts used in films. This article discussed the different fonts used in different films, which are from different genres.
From the article, the two font types that I really liked are from the films Public Enemies and Seven. The title from Public Enemies is really interesting and suits the genre of the film as the title is really bold and it stands out. It emphasise the bold character of the film and implies that they might be violence in the film. Moreover, the two holes in the letter ‘B’ seem to be very small and almost look like bullet holes. The font used for this title can influence the font I use for my groups thriller sequence as the boldness of the title can link to the violence that may be in the film. Also, it can imply the main characters personality.
Se7en is another film that can help my group with the title as the font used for ‘Se7en’, suggests the disturbed and crazy personality that the character in the film has. I think the font used for ‘Se7en’, can link to our thriller film more, as the title font itself looks disturbing and mysterious.

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