Friday, 25 March 2011

Font Analysis: RESEARCH

We looked at two different film covers in class. 
In the Cover of the film 'Pearl Harbour', Bold capital letters with the sans serif font make the title stand out the most out of everything. The serif is quite traditional therefore it has age to it, correspondently the film is quite old aswell therefore the font used emphasis to the audience that this is quite an old film or it is based on a historical event. We are also given a sense of army and unity as the main characters are put together and the man is wearing a uniform which symbolises a team which symbolises unity, mean while the woman is also saluting which signafies something to do with the army. There is also a fighter plane on the cover of this film therefore straight away the text and image give us the sense that the film is somehow related to war. 

On the other hand Rocky uses a specific font called Franklin Gothic Heavy, which is a sans serif font. The words Rocky Big, Black, and strong in order to portay what kind of character Rocky is. The sans serif font is less formal therefore giving a sly sense of welcoming as sans serif is usually a more friendly font. If you focus on the title itself the big word rocky is very simple and doesn't fully fit into the full screen. This again is trying to show that Rocky is a very simple character but you could also say that where the name doesn't fully fit, he is 'punching his way through the poster'.

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