Friday, 25 March 2011

Livetye and Sound: SKILLS

LiveType is a key software we used to create our title sequences for our video introductions. LiveType includes fonts,objects,templates and effects. It can also import all different types of media files which can be converted. The letters that you input can be changed in size,font and boldness, all features of the text can be framed, outlined, opacity and given a glow. LiveType also consist of LiveFont which is the key feature to the programme which gives the font a more professional touch which can make your text animated, smoke writing and put your text into a whirlwind ect.


Simultaneously, we was introduced to the programme called Soundtrack which is an audio editing and composing application made to improve sounds and create your own with the click of a few buttons. This application consist of over 5000 professional sound effects and instrument loops from all different types of genre such as jazz,r&b,soul and instruments such as drums,violins and trumpets.



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