Friday, 25 March 2011

Main safety factors when using the Camera’s

Firstly, We were introduced to the safety hazards of working a Film Camera that will
eventually use to shoot our opening sequence of our Thriller films. We was shown the basics
of using the camera such as turning the device on and off. We was also introduced to placing
both 'A & B' memory cards in the right slot. Later during the program we was introduced to
 setting the brightness and contrast of our shot etc...

  • Don’t go out filming in bad weather conditions e.g. Rain and Snow
  • Don’t film in dangerous locations e.g. Railways and Train tracks.
  • Return on time: There are only 15 cameras in the Media Department. In turn there is excess demand for cameras; therefore if one person doesn’t bring their camera back on time they are taking up someone else’s valuable recording time. It is vitally important that we plan when we need them and book them before-hand, and return them when they are due.The lens of a camera is its most expensive feature and we must make sure it is closed at all times. This is because if the lenses are open we are increasing the chances of any damage to them.

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