Friday, 25 March 2011

Response to watching documentary.

1) The seduction is used to tempt audiences and keep their attention. It could either slowly introduce drama and keep the suspense rising or could have continuous drama. If it were to be full of action and drama, it would need to begin from the start of the movie. Also, there needs to be an instant impact, with lots of drama so people watch the whole movie and not keep them bored.

Thomas Sutcliffe: "Films need to seduce their audience into long term commitment. While there are many types of seduction, the temptation to go for instant arousal is almost irresistible."

2) The film needs to instantly get the audiences attention at the start of the film with probably a dramatic opening.  There are many ways to hook the audience,  either with lots of action or to slowly 'seduce' your audience. Also this could be compared to going on a date ,where you gradually wine and dine your partner, bringing your date many unsuspectingly surprises along the way. However... 

Director Jean Jacques Beineix's risks of 'instant arousal'.
- If the start of a movie has straight action and thrill , what happens to the rest of the movie? What else can you do to keep the audience thrilled? You could be stuck for the rest of the movie if all the action is at the beginning.

3) ''a good beginning must make the audience feel that is doesn't know nearly enough yet, and at the same time make sure that it doesn't know too little''
- So that the audience remain interested throughout the whole of the film, if too much is given away right at the start, the audience will have too much to take in and eventually give up with watching the film. The balance of what the audience knows should balance what they don't know

4) What does critic Stanley Kauffmann describe as the classic opening? Why does this work?
- The classic opening according to Stanley Kauffman is something that starts with an established shot -of the city/area,followed by a tilt shot - showing a building from top to bottom and then a close up - of a window from the building.

5)Why is Kyle Cooper's title sequence to the film Se7en so effective?
- It goes with the style of the film and it foreshadows the things that are going to happen

6)What did Orson Welles want to achieve with his opening to the flim A Touch of Evil? What did Universal Studios do to it? Why?
- Welles did not want to have any music in his opening scene but Universal Studios did and in the end the studio won. He did not want any music in the beginning because he thought it would have more of an effect without it.

7) What is meant by ''a favourite trick of Flim Noir" ? What is the trick?
-The trick is where the ending of the film is actually the beginning. Telling the story backwards.

8) How does the opening to the flim The Shining create suspense?
- The type of music used and the fact that it was shot from a helicopter makes the car look so small it''follows them like a predator''

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