Wednesday, 6 April 2011

How does your media product represent particular social groups?

The similarities between the opening scene of the stepfather and my groups media product, is that they both have a kitchen scene were both characters are making and eating breakfast. Moreover, another similarity that the both clips have is that, both of the characters get ready and drive off in their verticals. Whilst planning our opening scene we decided to keep most of the opening scene similar to the opening scene in ‘the stepfather’, which we have accomplished. Moreover, both of the clips show the viewer what has happened to actors in the film. For instance, in our clip it shows a little boy being kidnaped and we also hear a voice recording of him shouting. In ‘the stepfather’ they show members of the main characters family dead in the house which he is leaving.


However, the differences in the two opening clips are that in the stepfather the first scene in the film is of the area in which the opening scene is set. It shows the viewer the neighbourhood and the names of the people who live in the house which will be introduced. But, our opening scene starts off by a character in our film screaming and telling the audience a little bit of information on what has happened. Moreover, another difference is the way both characters show their identity for instance, in our media product the actor is hiding his identity whereas in ‘the stepfather’ the actor is changing his identity.

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