Thursday, 7 April 2011

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? How will you attract/address your audience?


Using the internet to launch this media product is a good idea as more viewers can watch the clip and like it. It is a good way to advertise the clip and attract a wider range of viewers, this would mean more and more people would come and watch the film. As mine and my groups and the group’s video that I embed on my blog are both low budget production companies, using the internet is a good idea to attract more audience just like how the makers for ‘Looking for Eric’, they didn’t have enough money to advertise their film so they chose to advertise it in the break for a Manchester united film. 

With my media product it will get a cinematic screening which my friends/family and peers will watch, it will also be released on DVD of 200 copies to all of my peers. The film that I have chosen is distributed on ‘YouTube’ to get more people to watch it, is similar to how my media product will be distributed as it will be seem by all of my peers and it will be on my blog. Someone might like the video and distribute it on YouTube. This is a way of getting more global audience. 

This company helps promote new UK talent by screening short films and profiling the makers of the film and providing tools.

A place where people show their work and where my media product could be seen by the audience.


Shows new talent which means this company can promote and show my media product. 

A place where my media product will be released

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