Monday, 10 January 2011

List of thriller sub-genres that inspire me

• Romance Thriller
Romance thriller is one of the sub-genres that I have chosen because I think it would be a good idea to use this as an idea for my project. With this type of sub-genre I like the way that you can confuse the viewer on believing that this might be a romantic story because of the way the film may begin. For instance, in ‘He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not’ the way the film began, it was like how a romantic film would start. As it started in a flower shop with up beat music it showed and implied to the viewer that it may be a romantic film. Also, as we are making a thriller opening scene and we chose to base our clip on a romance thriller, the viewer may watch it and may want to watch more. As they know that it is a thriller opening clip, they may want to watch more. This can draw the viewer in more to the opening clip.

• Supernatural Thriller
However, making an opening scene, which is base on a sub-genre like supernatural thriller, could be a good idea, as everyone loves watching a supernatural thriller, including me. Normally a film with this type of genre draws the viewer in more because the story line is unusual and the viewer does not know what is going to happen next, until they watch the clip. For example, in ‘What Lies Beneath’, the opening scene is very spooky and unusual because of the face that comes out of the bath and the music playing in the background. Also, the affect of the lettering of the cast’s names in the opening scene compliments the opening scene of the film, as that is very spooky to. In addition, you could come up with lots of ideas if we use this as the sub-genre of our opening scene. Furthermore, you can use different places and stages of your day and interpret that in your supernatural thriller opening scene.

• Murderous Thriller
Murderous thriller is another sub-genre that I find very interesting. Using this as your sub-genre can be an advantage because you can use certain aspects such as blood or various objects for instance, a dead body, to make the viewer shiver or feel vulnerable. Another film clip that I watched, which was linked to murderous thrillers is ‘Momento’, this clip was interesting to watch because of the way it was being played backwards. Also, the way the dead body was shown and the music playing gave me lots of ideas that I may include in my own clip.

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