Monday, 3 January 2011

Crime thriller

One of my favourite genres of film are action. Which is often packed with crimes such as murders,robberies, chases and shoot-outs. For a genre to be a hybrid type of both crime and thriller really interests me as it offers a suspenseful account of failed crime or crimes.

Favourite crime thrillers: 'Silence of the lambs'. 'A Perfect Murder'

Mystery thriller

Mystery thrillers interest me due to the idea of wanting or having to find out the mystery in order to understand the film. This was it immediately grabs the viewers attention from start to finish. Mystery thrillers are often Suspense films where characters attempt solving, or involved in, a mystery.

Favourite mystery thrillers: 'Shutter Island' 'Memento'

Psychological thriller

Psychological thrillers highlight conflict between the main characters in particular which is often mental and emotional, rather than physical.
Occasionally this particular genre will border into the wide ranging horror genre

Favourite psychological thrillers: 'Panic Room' 'Dead Calm' 'Phone booth' 'Psycho'

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