Sunday, 16 January 2011

Created Suspense in the film 'The Stepfather'

Scene 1: When the neighbour is mudered by Stepfather (David Harris)

In this scene False Plateau is presented and we witness David Harris attempting to kill the elderly neighbour and as she goes to look and see if someone is in the wardrobe we think that this is where David Harris is hiding and about to kill her, but it is a cat that jumps out and then she continues to go throughout her house. He then comes out of nowhere and pushes her down the stairs. Suspense is created in the film at this scene through the False Plateau. This gets the audience engaged with the film because they are anticipating to see what is going to happin next, and they believe that something is going to go wrong but nothing really happens.

Scene 2: When older son (Micheal Harding) and his girlfriend(Kelly Porter) goes through Stepfather belongings.

In this scene False Plateau presented as we get the sense something is

going to go wrong but is actually fine, when the stepfather leaves to pick up the kids from school but gets a phonecall saying he doesnt have to, whilst he is on his way the son and his girlfriend begin to look around as they believe there is someting supicious about him. He returns and they are still upstairs we believe they are going to get caught in the wardrobe where they hid, but we see a clip of them back in the swimming pool where they was originally before he left out to collect the kids from school.

Scene 3: When Stepfather (David Harris) and kills the dad (Jay Harding)

Suspense is built up at this part of the film as we are waiting for the Dad to appear and attack the Dad (Jay Harding) and he rapidly comes from behind and attacks.

At the start NORMAILITY is established, with the shower, toast, coffee, then the "THRILL" is introduced. Also with with all the suspenseful moments in the film as the ones mentioned above, it has created the bomb theory where the audience knows someting that characters doesn't.

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