Monday, 10 January 2011

Analysis of a Thriller clip


Momento is a Murderous/ Action/ Passion thriller; you can find this out by the opening scene. This is because you can see all of these elements in the opening scene, the dead body can imply that it is a murderous thriller, the man holding the gun can show the action side of it and the mans reaction to after when he has killed his enemy, shows the passion side. The clip starts of by rewinding back in time of the few minutes that has just passed, and then it shows the whole clip again but as a normal clip going forward in time. The clip is set in a dark place in a building somewhere that seems like a confined place, which looks like a basement. As the opening scene is been played the camera mainly concentrates on a few things, such as a close up of a hand taking a photograph, over the shoulder, blood, bullet of the floor and the photographs that are being taken. By showing these things as a close up, it makes the viewer pay more attention on the objects because it maybe important in the rest of the film. As the clip is playing there is music playing in the background, which is slow and dull sounds that sound like deep violins. This gives a sinister and miserable effect to the atmosphere in the clip and builds up suspense. In addition, it makes the viewer wonder what is going to happen next as he has just murder a man. The opening scene is edited to play in a slow pace, which goes with the music playing in the background. This also makes the viewer think about what we are looking at and why. This clip has been shown in a very clever and interesting way as it gives the viewer time to think and make their own assumptions about the film. Furthermore, at the beginning of the clip, the way that the titles appeared on the screen was in randomly. Therefore, it appeared suddenly in formal, plain and simple writing. The font was very small and in capital letters, and in a shade of blue. They were placed in the middle of the screen, which makes it easy for the viewers to see who the characters are.

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