Friday, 28 January 2011

Introduction to camera

In this lesson we was introduced on ho to use the camera and what fucntions it is able to carry out, and different weather conditions it may carry this functions out. We was introduced on how to set up the camera upon the camera stand steadily without any risk of it falling of, we also was introduced on the different buttons and what the do, and the memory cards. We was introduced to the safety and handling of the camera and what is appropriate to use and not use, i.e when an area is dark switch it to the mode where enhances more light.

  • Always hand the camera back to the media department as there are not enough cameras for all of the groups in the college. Also lesson are held after your class so in order for everyone to use the cameras, you need to give the camera back on time.

  • You are allowed to borrow a camera for a day but you will need to give the camera back to the media department first thing at nine o’clock, the next morning. As lessons are held at nine o’clock in the morning.

  • If an emergency occurs you call the media department straight away and go straight home. These kinds of emergencies can be when your life is in danger.

  • Never use the camera in the rain; you will be given umbrellas to use when it is raining for the cameras. Not for yourself.

  • Do not perform any illegal actions such as film on a rail track or doing graffiti on a wall, or you will be disqualified.

  • Never touch the lens or it will get damaged. Also because IT COST A LOT OF MONEY.

  • Close the lens after you finish using the camera.

  • When putting the camera on the stand you must make sure that each of the four legs are equal lenght in order to prevent a lop sided view on the camera, there is also a red leaver that you must click to make sure the camera is securely fastened on the stand so it doesn't fall of. Then when you are ready to remove the camera you simply do the reverse to how you put it on to begin with.

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