Monday, 10 January 2011

How suspense is created in three scene of ‘the Stepfather’.

The Stepfather

Scene 1: When the stepfather (David Harris) killed the dad (Jay Harding).

In this scene, the stepfather kills the dad. When one evening the dad comes to say bye to his children before boarding a plane, he finds that the stepfather is home. Not knowing that the stepfather wants to kill him, he comes into meet the children and falls into the stepfathers plans. The stepfather disappears after going into the kitchen, so the dad still carries on his conversation thinking that David is still listening. Whilst still taking to David, while he has disappeared he walks down the corridor towards the kitchen and finds himself in the kitchen without David’s presence. Therefore, he tried to look for David and could not find him. As he suddenly turned around David was standing there and then David suddenly hit a glass vas on Jays head. This unexpected hit made Jay unconscious and he falls to the ground. This scene is full of suspense from the start to the finish of the scene. This is because when Jay comes to the door, we already know David’s plans but Jay does not. For that reason, the viewer starts to worry and tension builds inside the viewer as the clip goes on. Not knowing what might happen to Jay makes the viewer uncomfortable and the music playing in the background adds to the tension. In addition, as Jay is walking down the corridor and trying to find David makes the viewer uncomfortable to.

Scene 2: Michael Harding (older son) and Kelly Porter (his girlfriend) trying to go through the stepfathers possessions.

In this scene, Michael and Kelly are in the pool in the garden and then David comes and tells them that he is going out to pick up the other two children. After he leaves, Michael is so suspicious of him from before that he wants to go through his possessions to see if he finds any thing unusual. Therefore, he and his girlfriend go up to his bedroom to start to search through his things. Not a while after David reappears back to the house because Susan happens to be free to pick up the kids. As he enters the house, he finds that the children are not in the back pools so he decided to try to search for them in the house. David starts to get suspicious and goes to his room to see if they are there. When Michael and Kelly hears that he is coming they start to panic because they do not know what to do. As David enters the room, he finds that the children are not there, but they are in the back pool as he left them. This clip builds up a lot of suspense, as the viewer does not know what is going to happen next to Michael and Kelly. However, the viewer does know that the stepdad is coming home and he will find the children in his room, so it makes the viewer very uncomfortable. In addition, the way that the stepfather slowly touches the door handle creates suspense because it creates an uneasy feeling in the viewer. However, after finding that they children are not there but they are outside makes the viewer confused but relaxed after. Furthermore, the music that is played in the background also creates a sense of suspense.

Scene 3: When the saw nearly sliced Kelly’s head off.

This final scene is right at the end of the film, were Michael is trying to save his mums and his girlfriends life. This scene has a lot of suspense in it as the viewer is clueless on what might happen next and weather the Stepfather is going to die or Michael. The loud voices and fast movement scatters the viewers mind and makes them almost confused and naive on what might happen next. In addition, while everyone is sounding and scared, it makes the viewer uncomfortable and it builds up suspense. This scene takes place in the attic where Michael, Kelly and Susan go to hide but unfortunately, David reaches the attic. This is when they start to fight back and Kelly reaches for the saw to attack David. However, the saw falls out of her hand and falls to the ground and her and Susan fall through the floor. They land on the first floor and suddenly the saw was about to fall. Nevertheless, it fell beside Kelly and did not chop of her head. This part of the scene makes the viewer scared for Kelly and creates a lot of suspense as they do not know if she is going to die or not.

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