Saturday, 29 January 2011

The Art of the Title Sequence - Quantum of Solace

The beginning of this title sequence begins with an actor appearing out the eclipse of the sun, with other names appearing straight after a colourful glimmer. We have close ups of the character, which seems as he is in an animated, almost cartoon like, movie. However it is eye catching because it is an action film and the audience is interested to see what will happen next, this is shown as the actor shoots his gun and watery fire is released as the bullet is released in slow motion, so we witness every detail brought about in this sequence.

As the bullet continues to travel with the fire tailing behind it, the name of the film, 'Quantum of Solace' appears on screen, all letters are in bold upper case font with the letter 'Q' standing out from the rest of the letters. This letter has a flowing tail at the end of the Q this corresponds with the image behind it as the picture is also flowing and dreamy as if it is under water.

The background begins with blue ocean colour then fades into a dessert like background entering us into a yellow background, where more actor names appear on screen in a more bright coloured background. The sun in the background also flared out like how the letter 'Q' was and the fire leavign the gun flowing behind the gun, going into an astronomy background with contrasting stars, could indicate it is night time.

We then come into scene with females appearing from the dessert, then we see them danicng around the firey sun, this could indicate culture and identity, we also get and extreme close up of an eye pupil and we see the flareness in detail which was where the letter 'Q' and the flared detail from the fire of the bullet came from, we see the bullet being shot again near the end of the sequence and this time it travelled towards the firey sun, we then see it drop into the sand, which in slow motion disbursts slowly again into the format of an eye which was previously shown in the sequence.

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