Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Definition of Suspense

Suspense is when a person/audience feels anxiety and uncertainty about a certain situation or action, this word is used to describe an audience reaction after watch a dramatic work. Suspense can be created in any situation weather it is a big event or a dramatic moment, and tension is also built in the audience while suspense is.

The clip that were shown in class show different ways to show suspense in the films for instance; ‘What Lies Beneath’, is a film that portrays suspense by playing music in the background and not having no dialogue from the characters, only screams. This can make the audience built tension within them because they do not know what is going to happen next. Also this same film has a shot where the camera is skimming around the place/house in the film, it is making the audience feel uncertainty about the situation so therefore suspense is created.

Another film that creates suspense well is ‘The Shining’; this is done by the audience not knowing what is going to happen next or where the character is going. In addition, images has been shown in between a clip so it leave the audience not knowing what going to happen and tension is built within them. The music that is been played also creates a sense of uncertainty and get the audience to wonder what is going to happen next.

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