Monday, 14 February 2011

What interests you about intertextuality in film.

What is intertextuality? 

Intertextuality is a term to describe the visual referencing between films. simply films 'borrow' from each other, and you may recognise certain camera angles, aspects of Mis En Scene, snippets of sound or other methods of editing of some films you have seen before. 

What interests me about intertextuality in film? 

I find intertextuality interesting because it’s a fine way to include ideas that have been previously used in other films.
Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock is a film that has influenced many movies such as; What Lies Beneath, Fatal Attractions, The Stepfather and many more. The shower scene is the scene that other directors tend to use in their thriller movies; however they may change the Mis En Scene to make it their own. Directors tend to keep the camera angles the same in order to create the same scene that they liked. Most directors who use the shower scene from psycho often use the same high camera angle in order to capture the water running from the shower head.

Furthermore, the opening scene of the Stepfather really inspired me and i look to use intertextuality from this scene in our Thriller clips

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