Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Pictures Taken While Editing

The clips on final cut, which we used to create our opening scene.
A method in final cut that brings the clips together and makes it seem like one clip.
 Editing the clips
Watching a clip and cutting the clip from were you want it to start and were you want it to finish. this is done by using the I and O button on the keyboard.
Putting the clips together after cutting the clip from were you want it to begin and finish. 

Watching the clip

 Watching and Editing the clip 

 Dragging the clip and watching it 

Finished clip with the Submix that we made. 

Turning the sound off, from the real clip, when putting the submix together. This means the viewer will only be able to hear the submix not the noise or music from the clip, when filming. 

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